Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas - Pella

Thursday before Christmas we headed to Pella to celebrate Christmas with Heather's dad Ron and his wife Kris, the OC Vande Lunes and the Pella Vande Lunes.
Aaron and Addy got right to playing!
Gracie, Karys and Nathan having lots of fun making "silly" faces on the couch.
Addy already knows how to use remote controls!
Chad and I in the kitchen taste testing the food to make sure it is ready!
We headed down to the basement to exchange some gifts...and guess who stopped by, Santa Clause! Aaron was amazed but Addy wasn't too sure about Santa.
Karys and Gracie weren't too sure what to think either...
Santa brought Addy to tears...
but Karys quickly approved of Santa as he started to hand out presents!
Gracie too was all smiles as she got her present!
Nathan kept looking at Santa and then it clicked, he said "Hey wait a minute, Santa doesn't wear cowboy boots, Papa Ron wears cowboy boots!"
Is that a little Santa Clause?
...nope that's Nathan!
Aaron and I got down to business and started to read some books...a future book club member!
We had a great time in Pella, lots of laughs with family and plenty of good food!

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