Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Years! One of my Christmas wishes this year was to eat Pizza Hut supreme pizza and bread sticks. About a year ago I found out I am gluten sensitive so I've had to make several adjustments to my diet one of those meant decreasing my pizza in take. So I decided to close 2010 out with a big bang and gluten overload. The Pines, Siskows, Vocelkas and Comforts headed to the local "Hut" for grease and gluten...everyone is all smiles.

Bread stick goodness...

After pizza we headed to the Pines for a crazy game of Wii pictionary. Seth and I found some sweet 3D glasses.
...sticking true to tradition Derek I mean "fawn" was falling asleep at about 10:30.
We had a great New Year's Eve, celebrating with great friends, eating gut bomb pizza and reminiscing about 2010.

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