Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Curb Appeal

This past weekend we did a little landscaping to the front of our house. We have a ton of hostas. I love hostas, don't get me wrong, they are hearty and good ground cover, but we have way too many in the front of our house...too much of the same green color. Here is the "before" picture.
So we pulled out this bed of hostas...

...and planted two Limelight Hydrandea bushes. We also planted some flame grass that is supposed to turn red/purple in the fall! We did add a few of the hostas back in the front of the bed to fill it out. The rest of the hostas we moved to the side of the house to help hid some down spouts.

We have been reading up on hydrangeas, but are definitely new to the hydrangea world, so hopefully these guys last a long time! I really like the way this project turned out!

Any suggestions on how to care for our hydrangeas?

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