Monday, August 1, 2011

Pool Party!

The past two years, we have rented a pontoon boat at the end of the summer to spend a day out a Big Creek Lake, but this year 2 of the 4 girls are pregnant and wouldn't be able to get in the water at a lake, so instead we headed to a pool for an afternoon of fun!
The girls really enjoyed the rafts and relaxing in the water...

...and the boys enjoyed plenty of shenanigans!
Aaron with the flying suplex/belly flop onto the floating blue mat
Derek pulls the six-gun shooter salute!

...flying smile, over Derek and the fountain!

Heather and Dawn enjoying the water!

Then the guys started to get creative. In this photo, Aaron is catching the football in mid-air and then flipping it to Derek as he is also jumping into the pool!

Heather and I are all smiles on a beautiful day!

This one is more complicated...Derek started with the football in corner, threw it to me as I jumped in the water, I tossed it to Aaron, Aaron to John and John back to Derek...the 4 pass hand off without the football hitting the water...simply amazing!

...another one of my favorite pictures or Derek jumping in the water!

After the pool we had some pizza and celebrated the two birthday girls, Heather and Kim!

...and the whole crew!

A day well spent at the pool!

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