Friday, September 14, 2012

Week in Review

Another week has gone by...we are quickly approaching fall!  This we, I sold my old beach cruiser bike and we bought Trigg a bike seat!  This bike seat is a little different in that he sits between me and the handle bars on a bracket mounted above the top tube!
Trigg loves his new bike seat!  We have been on it several time already this week!  I think he is able to see a lot more than if he were sitting behind me.
We rode our bikes up to Snookies this week.  This weekend is the Beaverdale Fall Festival and that means Snookies will be closing for the we made the trip for one last ice cream cone!
With the nice weather on Saturday, I took off the old garage door on the back side of the house and gave it a face lift.  The paint was chipping badly, a few boards were so rotten I could see through them and a few board were warping off of the door...time for a little repair work!
I stripped off the old paint, pieced in some new boards, used some rock hard putty to fill a few holes and gave the door a fresh coat of paint...and we have an almost new door, a huge improvement from what I started with!
This warm weather has given our rose bush new life and new blooms!
The lower level backyard project is making progress.  We got some hostas planted on the one level, we bought some hydrangea's on sale that should get planted this week! 
Trigg is a man on the move...and lately he has had his eyes on Riley.  This is a rare picture that contains both Riley and Trigg.  Generally, Riley sees Trigg coming and heads the opposite direction!
He has figured out how to pull himself up to the furniture, so he is standing up every his crib, next to the coffee table, next to the name it, if he can, he will stand!
One night Trigg and I had a jam session...he was very interested in the guitar strings!
He is crawling all over the house...the other night, as we were in the kitchen getting supper ready, Trigg made his way into the kitchen to see what was going on...he had a little trouble getting past the rug, so he brought it with him!  Maybe we should put sweeping the floor on his chore list...
We love having dance parties in the kitchen...they usually bring big smiles and lots of laughs!
Trigg loves to move and wiggle and it is even more fun if there is music!
That pretty much sums up our week...lots of fun and lots of laughs with a little boy who keeps getting closer and closer to being 1!

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