Friday, September 7, 2012

Week in Review

We had a great week and it started great with a long weekend for Labor Day! 
Trigg was rockin' some great hair this week!
 He was also rockin' a smelly diaper!
 We celebrated Grandma Doreen's birthday on Sunday in Monroe.
 Nathan, the big slugger, showed us how he can hit a ball!
 Our good friends, the Faircloth's were back in town from Colorado this week, so we had a get together for some s'mores!
 The Carroll's enjoying some s'mores!
 The Kings hanging out by the fire pit
 The Vogler's enjoying the nice fall-like weather
 ...and the Comfort's...getting close to Trigg's bed time.
 We also did some swinging in the backyard while we were moving some hosta's to the lower level!
 We also busted out the bubbles this week!  Trigg loves bubbles...
 He loved popping the bubbles as they fell to the deck!
 Trigg also loves standing at the front door and watching the cars drive by!
 One night, as we were hanging out on the deck and Trigg was planking!
 Aunt Christa brought us Cousin Morgan and Cousin Piper's car/push cart...we took it for a spin and Trigg loves it!
 We started the week with some crazy hair...and we ended the week with some crazy hair!  That's what happens when Dad is in charge of bath time...once you dry off, you get wild hair!
 Mom's necklace is both pretty and tasty!
Well, that wraps up our week, fall is right around the corner!  We are excited for cooler weather and for the leaves to change colors!

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Grandma Keri said...

As always, love the pictures. You are able to catch Trigg in such cute positions. You and your fire pit seem to be quite the rage. Looks like all your hard work is paying off.