Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Trigg!

We celebrated Trigg's 1st birthday this past weekend!  The theme was a "Gentleman's Party"...bow ties and moustaches encouraged!
We set up a photo booth in the garage with props for our guests to snap a picture before the party started!
The Pines with their props!
 The Siskows looking good for the party! 
 Heather, Trigg and Grandma Great looking great with moustaches!
 Tom and Keri with Trigg!
 Ron and Kris with the birthday boy
 The Vocelka's looking sharp!
 The Pella VL's with their props!
 Brent and Doreen with the birthday boy!
 The Marchants with their props and smiles!
 Then we headed inside to have dinner!
 ...and dessert (moustache cookies and sweet potato cupcakes!)
 The kiddo's enjoyed the slide in the backyard!  Morgan gave it a big thumbs up!
 Camille thought the slide was great too!
 Derek got the fire started for us in the fire pit!
 The dudes!
 Trigg and his cupcake!
 ...getting started on his cupcake!
 ...mmmmm, that's pretty good!
 Good job Mom, these cupcakes are fantastic!
 After dessert, we opened gifts by the fire pit and hit the slide a few more times! 
 One more picture...this time with moustaches!
Happy Birthday Bud, we hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating your first birthday!

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Christa said...

Great pics! Happy birthday to Trigg! We had a lot of fun celebrating him!