Friday, October 12, 2012

Week in Review

This week was Trigg's big birthday week!  We got out the last tie in the series...12 months and snapped a few pictures!
 We had to take them quick because Trigg is a man on the move and he doesn't sit still too long!
 But we were able to distract him with some puzzles...Trigg now has 6 teeth showing!
 Trigg was rolling around one afternoon and he ended up playing with his legs up on the coffee table.. was too funny!
 For the big day, Trigg was sporting his "I AM 1" shirt!
 We had a great time celebrating Trigg!
That pretty much sums up our week...we had a fun birthday week, the leaves are changing color and starting to fall.  The colors are wonderful but I am not looking forward to raking up the leaves!

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Margaret said...

How about a side-by-side or collage of the monthly shirt photos?