Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books, October is behind us and we are into November!  We had a pretty good week even though both Mom and Trigg had colds this week.
Even with a cold, Trigg takes good naps...good naps = great bed head!
 Trigg and I reading books before bed!
 We grilled some fish on Wednesday night and Trigg and I were making faces at each other through the sliding glass window!
 Friday, I took off work to give Mom a day off, so Trigg and I had a "Dudes Day".  We headed to Merle Hay Mall to check out the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center!  They give presentations on the odd hours and talk all about animals from around the area!
 They have coyotes, wolves, bears, foxes, snakes, bats...all sorts of animals to check out!  Trigg and I got to touch a bat and a hog snake!
 Trigg and I had a great time checking out the wildlife!
Well that pretty much wraps up our week.  Don't forget daylight savings ends this sure to fall back an hour!

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