Friday, November 30, 2012

Week in Review

It the last week in November, December is right around the corner and with that comes Christmas!  We have been getting our house ready and putting up decorations, Trigg has been a big helper. 
Lately, Trigg loves tunnels...whether going under his actual tunnel, a table, someones legs or a chair, he loves it!
We have a small artificial tree in the basement with fun ornaments...we put Trigg friendly ornaments at the bottom for Trigg to discover! 
Trigg loves ringing the jingle bells on the back door!
"I'm getting so big!"
Trigg helping Mom water the plants and the tree...
"Mom, I can help you..."
"...the plants are thirsty, I'm thirsty too!"
Trigg loves exploring and we will find him tucked into the corner with his toys trying to grab something that caught his eye!
...and my latest development this week...
Taking steps on my own!  As of today, Trigg's record is three steps in a row!
We had a great week, lots of fun getting ready for Christmas and seeing Trigg's reaction to the decorations.  It was also a big week for Trigg as he is starting to figure out how to take steps on his own! 

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