Friday, November 16, 2012

Week in Review

Another week in the books...halfway through November!  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas is right on the heels of Thanksgiving! 
To celebrate "No Shave November/Movember" Trigg is sporting his moustache shirt!
"I moustache you a question..."
Trigg kept grabbing Mom's water bottle, so we decided to get him his own Camelback, and we found one just Trigg's size!
Riley's friend Coco is hanging out at our house...she and Trigg love looking out the front door and watching the neighborhood!
We have also been working on walking...I grabbed a kitchen towel to make a Trigg harness and away we go!
Trigg and I reading about Giant Machines!
We got some blackberries from the store this week...first taste, they are a little tart.
Ohhh, kind of sour...
but they sure are good!  It took a few blackberries, but we ended with smiles!
This week we also got a new room for Riley...her crate.  We started crate training Riley because she has been waking us up around 4am wanting her breakfast...Trigg is curious about this new kennel in the basement!
We also had a family date night this week!  We went to Jethro's for some bbq, it was a lot of fun and we had a great evening out together!
We had a great week, No Shave November presses on...I've made it this far, we keep going!  For those who may not know, "No Shave November" also known as "Movember", is a movement to get people aware of men's prostate cancer.  Wear pink in October for breast cancer and moustaches in November for prostate cancer..."changing the face of men's health"

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