Sunday, August 25, 2013

Iowa State Fair

Heather loves the Iowa State Fair and I am starting to love it as well and I think after this year, Trigg loves the State Fair too!  
We kicked off the Fair with the Iowa State Fair parade.  We met our friends, The Pines, downtown to take in this years parade.  We all stood to pay respects as our country and state's flag came by, complete with bagpipes and kilts!
 Trigg also stood for the tractors, I can only assume it was also to show his respect for these great machines!
 And of course, he loves the fire trucks!
 It wouldn't be a parade without a marching band, and it wouldn't be a marching band without a tuba!
 There were several dance troops and Trigg loved all of them, he was dancing in the street!  All in all, it was a pretty good parade, lots too see...but let's head to the Fair!
 We did make it to the East side to the Fair Grounds on Sunday, our first stop, Clifford the Big Red Dog!  Trigg was really excited to meet Clifford!
 After Clifford, we stopped at the tractors!
 "Dad, this one seems to be a pretty good fit, can we take it home?"
 Trigg wanted to take Mom for a ride around the fair grounds in this new Gator.
 Better try out one more tractor before we go!
 Trigg and I wanted to try out the Giant Slide...up the stair we climbed...
 "Whheeee...down we come!"
 Trigg and I found the State Fair Blue Ribbon's while Mom was waiting in line for JR Donuts (worth waiting for!)
 ...after the donuts, it was on to Little Hands of the Farm!
 First we planted some seeds in the soil...
 ...then Trigg watered the seeds...
 ...and then it was time for the harvest!
 Hey, look at those two cool chickens!
 Trigg then got to take a lap on a tractor just his size!
 Then he got to milk a cow...
 "Say cheese...or maybe milk!"
 After our Little Hands on the Farm adventure we watched the Banjo competition at Pioneer Hall and then we found a spot in the grass to have lunch and Trigg found a great seat to eat his lunch!
 After lunch we headed to the animal barns...first up, horses!  Not a great view here...let's move on...
 This is better!  What a good horse!
 We also found some rabbits...
 ...and a cow!
We had a great time at the fair (as always).  We saw a lot of animals, a lot of tractors and we can't wait for next year!

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