Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week in Review

July is in the record books and we are on to August!  We had a great week, filled with lots of fun and adventure.  
Mom and Trigg had a play date with Lainey and Sarah downtown in the water fountain!
They had a great time splashing in the water!
Nana got a new desk for her office this week...Trigg tested out the shelves...
...and the computer cubby, "Seems like a good desk Nana!"
On Saturday, we headed up to Ledges State Park for a picnic and exploring adventure!
Trigg had a lot of fun splashing through the water and tossing rocks!
The weather has been great lately, even cool...we all had our hoodies on!
Mom, Trigg and the sandstone walls!
Trigg and I were stomping in the water and feeling the plants that grow on the sandstone when something caught our eye...
...we stopped to investigate...
A snail!  Trigg thought that was pretty awesome!
Sunday, we headed to our old neighborhood to spend an afternoon at the Ashby Splash Park for some fun in the sun!
We headed to Pella Sunday after nap time to celebrate Nathan's birthday!
Trigg also took Nathan's Mustang for a spin around the driveway!
We had a great week and we are really looking forward to the Iowa State Fair!

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