Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in Review

It's hard to believe that we are at the end of August already...where did the summer go?  
Trigg had his first big boy injury, he took a spill on the driveway and skinned his knee.  This was the first injury that needed a band-aid, good thing for us, we had band-aids with trucks, diggers and bulldozers!
 What a trooper, knocked down but still going!
 Trigg has been climbing on the arm of the couch lately and riding it like a cowboy...he found his cowboy hat to complete the look!  "Giddy-up partner!"
 Mom found the idea on Pinterest to throw glow sticks in with the bathwater to make a glowing bath... was a big hit!
 We have one cool dude riding along in the back seat!
 We also found a new house!  We close in September and we are excited to get started on some house projects...stay tuned for the "before & afters"!
That was a pretty quick review for now but there is more to come as we are celebrating Mom's birthday this weekend!  Happy Birthday Heather!

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