Thursday, December 12, 2013

Big Boy Room

We are nearly finished with Trigg's Big Boy room and with baby number 2 due to arrive in 6 to 8 weeks, I need to start working on a nursery!  
Here is what the hallway/room looked like when we moved in...a bright shade of pink!
Even the ceiling fan was pink!  We quickly primed it and got some paint samples on the wall.
New trim and some paint gives it a whole new look and feel!
Once the new carpet got put in, we put together his "Big Boy Bed"
Nice and cozy!  I built the bed using plans from, she has a great website with lots of building plans, here is the plans that we used for Trigg's bed.
We did a similar wall in Trigg's room at our old house.  I ripped down sheets of hardwood into 6 inch boards and put them on the wall...
...then a coat of primer...
...and a coat of "Swiss Coffee" white paint.  Added two floating shelves...oh and I painted the pink fan blades white too!
A room fit for a big boy!
Trigg's room had two we took the door off of this one, made the opening a little wider and did a drywall finish...creating a nook...a book nook!
...then we added some stripes!  We still want to find a cozy chair and maybe a shelf for some books!
There are a few finishing touches that we still want to do, but for now, Trigg's room has been transformed to a big boys room!

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