Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas everywhere you go!  We are still trying to figure out what decorations go where, but for this year, we are ready!
 We put these planters together using lights, greenery and silver sticks!
 In the front room we put up our "kid" tree, we use a lot of ornaments from our childhood plus a few new ones...
We have also started the tradition of buying an ornament when we go on is the one we picked up from our trip to Las Vegas.
These two are from prior trips to the Grand Canyon and from our honeymoon to Hawaii.
 Trigg has his nativity set up on the bookshelf!
 And mom and dad's nativity set is set up (a little higher).
 We added some garland going down the stairs and Heather made some burlap bows!
 Green garland and Christmas trees in the entryway!
 Amaryllis blooms and chalkboard tray in the front hallway
 The fireplace and built-ins are ready for the holidays!
 "Mom's tree" as it is known to Trigg, we picked up our tree at Costco and it fits perfectly (with an inch to spare)
 Heather made these burlap poinsettia blooms to decorate the tree!
"Noel" is on one of our floating shelves above the couch and our snowflake pillow got unpacked!
 Trigg loves the pretty tree (but don't touch it)!
That's the tour...Merry Christmas

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