Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bench Seat

Inspired by Pinterest, Heather had the idea to make a bench seat at our dinning room table.  So when we made the trip to Ikea to get our bookshelves, we grabbed a few of these cubes...
 and turned 5 of them into our bench.  We found two long bench pads that fit perfectly!
 Now for a back rest...
 I started by making two big frame with an OSB front.
 To hang them, I used a 45 degree angle cleat.
 Here is the top and bottom cleat lined up together.  The bottom piece is then mounted to the wall, pulling the pad and frame to the wall with the 45 degree angle.
 Time to wrap the frames in batting and cover with fabric.  My helper thought the batting was pretty cozy!
 I stretched the batting and stapled around the edges.
 Then wrapped with our fabric and add lots more staples!
 One panel to go.
 The first panel mounted on the wall!
 Stepping back, the panel is 44 inches across and 56 inches tall, added to the bench, it totals about 70 inches tall!
 Here is the cleat for the 2nd panel.
 ...and both panels hung on the wall.
 We then secured the bench pads with some Velcro to avoid slipping.
 And the finished product!
 A close up of the pattern on the fabric
 It's approved!  Trigg likes it and thinks the circles kind of look like golf balls.
Bench is installed and we can now comfortably sit 10 around the table!

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Sarah and Jed said...

That is awesome you guys! Love it!