Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter/Indoor Fun

This winter has been both cold and long.  With a active 2 year old, we have had to come up with a few indoor activities to play and hopefully burn some energy.
One fun activity was making a birthday card using thumb and finger prints.
Add a little crayon
And we have ourselves a "Happy Birthday Big Chugger!" card.
Another indoor activity we set up was based upon the classic board game "Chutes and Ladders", but this we just used the chutes.
We set up two tracks so the macaroni could race down into the container!  On your marks, get set....GO!
With all this snow, we have done a lot of playing with our trucks.  I pull in pans full of snow and let Trigg bulldoze, scoop and drive through it.  Heather found this recipe on Pinterest for "Snow Ice Cream" so we thought we would try that too!
Add a little sugar, milk, salt and vanilla...stir it up and maybe add some sprinkles.  From the smile you can tell it turned out pretty good!
Thankfully, the forecast is starting to show signs of warmer weather, so we are hoping to get outside soon!

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