Sunday, September 14, 2014


I'm a little behind on the old blog, but that happens.  As we do every year, we headed down to Indianola for the Balloon Classic this summer.  We got there early to Heather could check out a winery for a different event.  While we were waiting, Trigg and I went to check out the hay bales!
 Then we headed over to the balloon field to watch the balloons.  It was a calm night and the balloon flew!  Trigg spotted the balloons flying high...and what is that balloon...
Yeap, it's a monkey!
 Garrett enjoyed the balloons as well!
 Trigg sitting with Grandma watching the balloons fly into the field.
 Enjoying the evening with the whole family!
 We stayed a little late and Heather and I were sure the boys would fall asleep on the way home...nope, Trigg took the time to catch up reading his Lego magazine!
We had a great time, as always, watching the balloons and we are looking forward to them again next year!

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