Thursday, July 24, 2014


Heather's family has an annual trip to Adventureland and this year was no different!  Rob and Erin were back in the states for a couple months, so we scheduled our outing while they were here!  First stop, the Ferris Wheel!  Trigg loves the Ferris Wheel!
Heather, Nathan and Aaron were all smiles...while Garrett wasn't too sure about it.
The other bucket had the rest of the crew.
Uncle Rob, Tody, Karys, Trigg and I jumped on the Gallion!
After that, we rode the tea cups!
Lots of laughs and giggles as we spun around!
Trigg and Camille driving the Ladybugs around the track.
Then it was on to the balloons, Trigg was excited for them to start spinning!
Gracie and Heather were on the other side of the basket!
Then it was onto the airplanes...
...and then the Frog Hopper.  Trigg loved the Frog Hopper!
Garrett managed to squeeze in a nap!
Next stop for Trigg, the Big Rigs.
One of our favorites
Then onto the motorcycles!
Camille took a spin on the pink motorcycle
With Nathan and Aaron ridin' on the orange bikes!
Trigg manned the fire truck!
Waiting patiently for a boat ride on the infant ocean!
Trigg picked the blue boat with Gracie and Karys following behind in the pink boat
Nathan, Aaron and Toby in the orange
Addy and Camille riding in style in the purple boat
Having fun on the water!
We had a great time with the family at Adventureland, we always do, and the boys quickly fell asleep in the car ride home!  It was a successful day at the park!

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