Sunday, June 14, 2009

Copper Creek Triathlon

Our good friend, Adam Little, came over this weekend to stay at our house. He competed in the 2009 Copper Creek Triathlon on Sunday. It is 750m swim, 20k (12.4mile) bike and 5k (3.1mile) run. The race was scheduled to start at 8am, but due to the heavy fog they had a slight delay. The fog delay was about only 15 minutes long, so the elite wave started around 8:15. They can be seen with the white swim caps on.
After the elites there were two more age groups then it was Adam's wave in the purple swim caps.
Here he is coming out of the water heading to the transition area. He finished the swim in just over 12 minutes!
So many bikes but Adam found his quickly...
...helmet on and he grabbed his bike...
...and away he went in just under 1 minute!
The bike course went out and back, so we didn't see him again until he came back into the transition area to head out on the run. Just over 33 minutes to cover the 12.4 miles.
Only 33 seconds to get his running shoes on and his hat and he was off and running.
I spotted a few more friends of mine competing as well...Patrick Riley had a great race.
Scott Heidesch is looking fast as he heads out on the run.
Marc Hollander is on the right and running smoothly.
The run went on a bike path around the lake and through the neighborhood, so we didn't catch up to Adam till the finish. He finished with a time of 1:06.57, finishing his 5k just over 19 minutes.

Heather and I had a ton of fun watching the race and cheering everyone on. Nice Job to Adam, he finished 4th in his age group and I think 22nd overall! We brought our cowbells with us to make as much noise as possible, I hope it helped. From a spectators point of view, it was a great race and seemed to go off without a hitch!

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adam said...

thanks for the shout out in the blog. also thanks for the support and the hospitality. the cow bells were great. you're quite the photographer too. looking forward to seeing you guys for hyvee!