Monday, June 29, 2009

Hy-Vee Triathlon Age Group Race

Sunday was the age group race (not pro). Adam was again competing and this year, I was competing on a relay team. 3 team members, 1 for each leg, I did the run portion. Saturday morning, Adam, Megan and I headed to the packet pick-up and expo. Last year, packet pick-up was held at Hy-Vee Hall downtown and there was a large expo with several different vendors. Adam was really exciting to check out the expo this year and convinced Megan to come along and check it out. This year it was held out at Southwoods Valley Freshman High School. There was a mandatory meeting that we attended before they would give out packets.After a 15 minute meeting, we were sent through the line to pick up our packets. Once through packet pick up we found the expo. It was set up in the cafeteria and what a let down. 4 or 5 different vendors and it took us about 3 minutes to check it all out. We were a little disappointed, but we did get a free magnet!
On to the race...the race started at 6am with the Elite men swimming first. Then every 4 minutes another age group would go. There were 15 waves total. Adam's age group (men 25 - 29) can be seen here wearing the pink swim caps. Each age group was assigned a different color swim cap. Adam's group hit the water at 6:16am.
The teams didn't go till 6:36am, so I had some time to kill. We had some time to snap a team photo. Ryan (bike), Brad (swim), and me (run). Only problem, Brad found himself in the ER Thursday night with some heart/chest pains, he was kept overnight and the doctors told him, "No competing". We were able to find a last minute substitute to fill in on the swim. Brad rode his bike down to cheer on his team.
After the swim, Adam headed for his bike while Megan and Heather cheered him on.
After our swimmer, Mitch, got out of the water, he handed off to Ryan on the bike.
After the bike, Adam was off and running...
I too got the hand off from Ryan and started my run.
Here is Adam coming in for the finish!
...and he crossed the line on the blue carpet!
Here I come into the finish...
...and down the blue carpet to the finish line.
For the team competition, we all did really well and ended up winning! We couldn't find Mitch, but Ryan and I got a quick team picture. Full team results can be found here.
Heather and I after the race hanging out in the sun!
It was a really fun day, lots going on and lots of people to cheer for. Adam ended up doing really well...Nice Job Adam! Full age group results can be found here. We had a great weekend hanging out with Adam and Megan, we can't wait till the next triathlon!

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