Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend in the O.C.

This weekend, Heather and I headed up to Orange City, IA to visit the OC Vande Lunes and the latest addition to their crew...Addyson! Rob informed us that RiseFest was also taking place that same weekend, so we got to see a lot of good bands play. As we were pulling into town we were greeted by Kevin Verschuure (Chad's good friend from high school and college, Chad we thought you would enjoy this picture!).
We got to Orange City around lunch time. Baby Addyson was sound asleep, so she didn't mind us holding her.
I seem to do pretty well with babies when they are sleeping!
Heather and I with Addyson.
After lunch, Heather, Rob, Gracie and I headed to RiseFest at the soccer complex at Northwestern College. Erin, Karys, Erin's sister Sarah and her daughter Leah stayed home to get in a nap before coming to RiseFest. We got our spot established, complete with chairs, blankets and a canopy to give us some shade! Heather and Gracie chill out in the shade while enjoying the music.
There were 6 different bands that played throughout the day. We missed the first one, but saw the other 5. There was also a KidsZone with inflatables. The first band we heard was VOTA. They were really good!
We headed over to the food area and grabbed some smoothies! Gracie loved them.
Under another tent, Pella natives, Everyman, was playing.
There was a break in the music while they were setting up the stage for the next band, so Rob and I headed over to the rock climbing wall.
I started out first...
...and made it all the way to the top!
Rob was up next.
We survey the wall as I get unhooked and Rob gets ready to climb.
and he's off...
Rob also made it all the way to the top!
Back on the main stage, Addison Road starts to play. About this time Erin and Sarah and the napping girls got out to the field.
Heather really likes Addison Road, apparently Gracie isn't as big of fan.
Karys and Auntie Heather were chillin in the chairs, throwing peace signs.
Addyson really enjoyed Addison Road too, as she and Heather listened from the comfort of the chairs.
Karys wanted a balloon, so we wondered over to the kids zone to find one...we got a pink balloon!
Next on stage was Francesca Battistelli
Gracie is such a good big sister and she holds Addyson.
Karys thought she was pretty cool as she got to try on moms shades!
Karys is also enjoying being a big sister, giving Addyson a big hug.
Hawk Nelson performed next and they definitely got the crowd jumping around with their upbeat music!
Erin and Leah were getting into it, clapping along with the music.
Not to be left out, Karys jumps in with clapping too!
Heather and I enjoy the music as we head over to the food stands to find something to drink.
Everyone was enjoying Hawk Nelson, Sarah and Leah were dancing while Rob, Karys and Gracie were jumping around!
After Hawk Nelson, Karys entertained us with her monkey skills by climbing up the pole.
Karys goes for a piggy back ride with Auntie Heather.
Last up for the night was Jeremy Camp.
We didn't stay for all of his show since he didn't start playing till 9:15 and everyone was getting tired. We headed back to Rob and Erin's and got the girls into bed. Sunday morning we headed to church, had lunch and then had to hit the road. One last picture with the girls!
Thanks so much to Rob and Erin for having us up for the weekend. We had a blast listening to great music and hanging out with you guys! The day flew by but it was filled with lots of laughs.

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