Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Table Rock Lake

This past week, Heather and I headed south for a little vacation! We were invited down to Table Rock Lake to join Chad, Shay and Nathan for a little R & R. They headed down there with their friends the Parker's and the Vander Well's. We left Tuesday after work. The plan was to be there till Friday and then Friday head to Texas with Chad and Nathan for Heather's cousin Matt's graduation, while Shay (under doctors orders) returned to Pella with the Pella crew. We got down there late Tuesday night and it was well worth the drive. The accommodations were amazing! BIG THANKS to Chad and Shay for inviting us. 5 bedrooms, plenty of TV's, pool table, theater room...this place had it all. Wednesday morning was a little overcast, so we headed to the indoor pool and the lazy river. Nathan and I are chillin on the lounge chairs enjoying a snack.
Then it was time for a float in the lazy river.
After that, we were hanging out back at the house and Nathan was playing with his ball. He hid it under his shirt and said "Hey, I look like mommy"
After nap time, we went out in the Parker's boat for a trip around the lake.
There wasn't much sun, so it was a little chilly.
Thursday morning was the complete opposite...fun in the sun. We headed out in the boat for a day on the lake!
The first stop was to a rope swing the guys spotted earlier in the week.
Chad shows off his swinging skills!
I give it a shot...it was a ton of fun!
Heather went on the rope swing too, but with both of us in the water, we didn't get a picture of that. We did get a shot together sitting on the rocks!
Back on the boat, we soak in the sun!
They got the tube out next, Chad asked Nathan if he wanted to try the tube and Nathan said "Sure", so they were both jazzed to give it a go.
Nice and easy, but all smiles as they go.
Nathan watched as his mom and dad had a turn on the tube.
After the day on the boat, we all managed to get cleaned up for a dinner out. There was a pond by the restaurant that had some turtles, so we headed down there to check it out.
Sure enough, lots of turtles.
Nathan showing Auntie Heather all the turtles.
As we were walking back, we wanted a picture and Nathan asked if he could take it, this is from Nathan's point of view.
Chad was nice enough to take another one for us!
And the whole gang.

Thursday, we had some sad news delivered. Heather's grandmother on her dad's side passed away. She was 90 years old and had a stroke and died at the hospital. So we cut the vacation short and headed back to Pella on Friday, instead of Texas, for the funeral and visitation. It was a sad ending to a fun filled vacation. Again, big thanks to Chad and Shay for sharing their time share, we really appreciate you guys!

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