Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Saturday afternoon, Heather and I headed up to Ankeny to have Easter lunch with the Pella VL's, Grandma Gloria and Brent and Doreen. Nathan was excited to see what was in his Easter basket!
Then we headed outside to see if Nathan could find some Easter eggs hidden in the front yard. He found the first one hidden in the tree!
Nathan showing us the yellow egg that he found.
Shay and Aaron enjoying the nice weather as Nathan hunts for eggs. Aaron is showing off his good fashion sense with his new polo over his jammies!
Everyone joined in and helped Nathan search for the last few eggs.
...and he found it, the last egg hidden under a rock!
Aaron was very interested in the Easter eggs that his big brother found...
Brotherly love!
Aaron enjoying the simple things in life, the green grass, while Nathan discovers the treasures hidden in his Easter eggs.
Nathan helping his brother Aaron experience the grass, what the grass feels like, how to pull it out of the ground...
After the egg hunt, Heather and Nathan played "Pass the Pigs"
The whole crew at church for the Easter service.
Nathan ran into his friend Jarrett...then the both started running around!
Heather and I played on the worship team for the Easter service, so I still had my in-ear monitors in...Nathan wanted to listen in!
The Pella VL' cute is Aaron, dressed up in his little suit coat!
Heather and Shay are all smiles as we celebrate Easter!
Heather couldn't resist a picture with this cute little man!
We had a lot of fun celebrating Easter with family and friends. Christ has risen...He has risen indeed!

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