Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wall Art

Heather had some ideas about some fun projects that we could hang on our wall. I took on the task of making them myself! The first one is for the guest bedroom. The thought was hang 9 squares, 3x3 and use fun scrapbook paper to add some color to the wall.
I started off making the frames using some 1x2 boards that I ripped down to 1x1 and some thin mdf board for the top.
Gave them a couple coats of paint, yellow base with a dry brush khaki finish over the top.
Added the paper squares. Here is the layout on the floor before I hung them on the wall.
The finished product hanging on the wall (don't mind the empty base cabinets, that is a bathroom project in the making). I think they turned out great!
The next project was to hang up pictures. I started off making two empty frames, one square one and another rectangle. Painted them brown...
I then used some of the leftover fabric from the kitchen as the backing.
Using upholstery tacks, I strung some wire across the frame. We found these great clips at Ikea, and now we have a photo board! This is the tall rectangle frame.
Here is the square frame. Heather then cropped the Christmas cards that we received and they got hung up!
What a fun way to display our Christmas cards year round!

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Need to post this on your 'my two dads' blog as well!