Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adventures at Adventureland (lots of pics)

This past Saturday, after the rain had blown through, we meet up with Heather's family for the yearly trip to Adventureland! It turned out to be a great day of thrills and spills! When I say Heather's family, I mean all of them. This year the Tolander's came up from Texas, the OC Vande Lune's from Orange City, the Pella Vande Lune's, Grandma Great, Brent & Doreen and Heather and I. Including the kids...that's 19 of us! We started the afternoon off with the traditional picnic then it was onto the park!
I got Aaron warmed up for some roller coasters! That boy loves being upside-down
Once in the park, Aaron and Addy got to catch up with each other and how the first year of life has been going.
First stop, The Gallion, the kiddo's (big and small) were excited!
Across the ship...yeah, they are excited too!
Gracie thought it was so much fun...non-stop laughs!
Next ride...the teacups. Rob shifted the weight distribution making that purple teacup spin!
Heather and Doreen ready to ride the G-Force!
Brent and I are just as excited!
Greg, Chad, Doreen and Brent get harnessed in the Inverter.
A few somersaults around has the gang laughing and feeling butterflies...
As the ride comes to a stop, we have all smiles...almost all smiles. Chad vs The Inverter, I think the Inverter won this round.
Heather and Rob had the great idea to ride this thing...I am not sure what it is call, but it spins around pretty quick and then bounces. We are all smiles before the ride starts!
John gives a smile and Chad a thumbs up!
Gracie and I give smiles too!
Once the ride started, holding on for dear life the little kids kept sliding into us. We laughed a lot, but I think I was dizzy for the rest of the day! Of course, Nathan, Karys and Gracie wanted to ride it again.
After the Dizzy Monster, Nathan, Gracie and Karys take a trip on the water.
Next stop, Puff the Magic Dragon, Nathan and Karys having fun.
Heather and Gracie give a wave and smiles as they fly by.
After Puff, we take a snack break. Nothing like a Bomb-Pop on a hot day!
Aaron thought he might like a bite of his mom's ice cream sandwich. Sure enough, it brought a smile to his face!
Next ride...The Outlaw. Rob and Erin get buckled in and ready to ride!
Heather and Shay get the front row seat!
Gracie gives her little sister some help walking around the park.
Brent and Doreen enjoy some shade and some water!
Addyson has the look of determination, "Let me at those rides"
Aaron gets a little help from his big brother and cousin.
1/2 of the crew taking a break and enjoying the park benches!
As these three were getting on this ride Nathan asks "Why do we have to take so many pictures?"
Once the ride started it didn't matter, they were laughing again!
Aaron and I just chillin'...
while his mom and dad ride the Space Shot!
As the day was coming to an end we all wanted one more ride on The Gallion!
...and yes, it's still awesome!
We had a blast spending the day at Adventureland. The rides were fun, but I think what was even more fun was spending some time with family, watching the kids play together, making memories and plenty of stories! (Ask Chad and Shay about Nathan's comment on the Frog Jumper)
Big Thanks to Grandma Great for another great year at Adventureland, thanks to the family for making the trip!

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