Sunday, June 20, 2010

Girls Day Out

After our weekend of family fun my mom decided to keep the OC girls at her house for a little "grandma time" I decided take a day off work so we could hang out. We had a great day beginning with "beauty shop" and then heading to the zoo.

Cute little Addy drinking from her big girl cup - so cute!
"beauty shop" the artist's busy at work

They did a great job - pretty sure we used every hair tie and clip they own.
Off to the zoo - Addy got to pet the baby goat, she wasn't too sure what to think.

Gracie and Kary's petting the goat - he wanted some of our goodies in the stroller.

Kary's and Gracie taking turns feeding the goats - they did such a good job.

My favorite at the zoo are the penguins...they are so classy!

Gracie and Kary's standing with the giraffe - they each got to feed him a piece of lettuce. Lettuce is like the universal food for animals at the zoo. We had a great time having a girls day out. Grandma concluded the great day with ice-cream...yum yum!

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