Friday, March 25, 2011

Chicken Club Pizza

Heather subscribes to Kraft Foods magazine and we are always looking for new recipes to try. We also meal plan two weeks at a time and we have been looking forward to trying out this recipe all week! Click here is you want the Chicken Club Pizza recipe.
Heather is gluten sensitive so we also tried a pizza dough recipe with this meal. The Pines made this almond crust pizza that they found here, and said it was pretty good, so we thought we would try it too. We didn't have the almond flour, we used a plain gluten free flour but next time I think I would use the almond flour.
The dough is made and in the oven...
After 15 mins, we added mayo/ranch sauce, cheese, chicken and bacon and back in the over for another 7 - 10 mins.
Once it was done cooking, we added the lettuce and tomatoes on top and the a little ranch and BBQ sauce drizzled on top!
And the finished product
It was a pretty tasty time I would roll the crust a little thinner, the crust to pizza ratio was too much in favor of the crust.

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