Friday, March 4, 2011


Skis + Snowboard + family + snow + sun = fun time in Keystone, CO!
Heather and I spent 4 days out in Keystone, CO with her family and we had a blast! Chad, Shay, Nathan, Heather and I headed out Saturday morning...bright and early, we were on the road by 6am! We made a pit stop in Omaha to pick up Rob and we were back on the road. Brent and Doreen were already out in Colorado, so they met us in Keystone (technically we stayed in Dillion). Sunday we hit the slopes, it was awesome! Great snow and plenty of sun!
Heather and I are all smiles as we take the lift to the top...
What a beauty! Colorado is really pretty too...
Heather and Rob having a great time on the mountain.
The crew at the top of the mountain.
Chad and Heather riding the lift!
Heather and Shay are all smiles as they plan their way back down the mountain!
Nathan ripped it up in ski school. By the end of the third day, he had concurred the learning hill and the instructor said he was ready for the big ski lifts!
Here he is tearing up the bunny hill!
...and here comes the snow cats, off to groom the mountain!
Heather and I enjoying the mountain view!
Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Brent and Doreen in their ski gear, but I am an eye witness that they both were on skis! Brent tore up the blue runs and Doreen concurred the bunny hill...very much a success for both of them!
We had a great time in Colorado, we had a lot of fun hanging out with the Pella VL's, Rob and the Stroud's. It was great to watch Nathan learn to ski. After the third day, as we were watching him come down the hill, he said to me "Did you see that Uncle Seth, even better than snowboarding!"
We can't wait to go back!

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