Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Bye "Toby"

After almost four years of working at America's Family Coaches, my season there has come to a close. Two weeks ago the staff threw me a great going away party. Seth and my parents were invited to join in the festivities. We laughed, we cried, and some of us might even have tinkled in our pants :)
The staff usually put together some sort of skit - I was honored with a rendition of "Good -Bye Heather" which was taken from the famous show The Office when Micheal sings Toby the HR guy a good bye song as he leaves. I must say they did a pretty good job...but would advise them not to quiet their day jobs...haha
My "sweet" and "thoughtful" co-workers thought it would be a great idea to gather some photos from my mom to highlight my "early" years.
Everyone gathered around while Mama Doreen told stories about all the pictures...trip down memory lane.
After song and dance the staff went around and shared memories or encouraging words and of course this brought on the tears....
I am so thankful for my season at AFC, the friendships I made during these past 4 years are ones that will last a lifetime! What an amazing group of people and ministry to be part of -
not too many employers will throw such awesome going away parties and then cover you in prayer. Seth and I feel so blessed and are grateful! Good - Bye Heather!

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the Cavens said...

I'm SO sad I missed your going away party! You are already missed at AFC!