Tuesday, May 31, 2011

OC Birthday/Graduation Celebrations

There was a lot to celebrate in May up in Orange City. Erin graduated from nursing school (and passed her boards this week, awesome!) as well as Gracie and Addyson's birthdays!
Addy was really excited about the cake!

...and it's always fun to open presents!

Lots of presents to unwrap, with so many, Nathan decided he needed to help out the girls!

Gracie and Heather are all smiles with her bucket of birthday fun!

The gals!

We had a great time celebrating in Orange City with the family. Good food and lots of fun.

On a final note, I was floating around the party and found these two little ones on the couch with lots of smiles, what a cute picture.

...well with some prompting from Uncle Seth, we got a few "silly" faces out of these two!

Awesome! I guess that's what uncles are for!

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