Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tulip Time 2011

I am a little behind on this update, but Tulip Time this year in Pella was a blast. The weather was great and the tulips looked wonderful!

We went Friday evening with our friends, the Pines, and had a great time. We found plenty to eat and lots to see! Heather, Joni and Miya even waited in the Poffertjes line to get those delicious treats!

...nothing like the Dutch Touch!

A little rivalry ensued while we were waiting for the evening parade to start, as both Derek and I laid out our blankets...it was Central vs Wartburg...the epic battle!

A new float this year that looked great in the night parade!

Saturday, Heather and her former court walked in the afternoon parade. 4 of the 5 gals made it back and they had a blast catching up over lunch. Meanwhile, I had a blast at Pella Books bookstore (highly recommended, but I didn't take any pictures)

Go Tulips!

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