Monday, February 13, 2012


On Wednesday, we headed to SeaWorld for a day of fun with some animals! Heather and Trigg wore their blue shirts to coordinate with all the water animals. We started the morning at the with a show at the Sea Lion & Otter was awesome!
The seals, otters, sea lions and walrus are all very well trained and put on a great show!

The walrus is huge!

Next we headed over to Shamu Stadium for the killer whale show...and it was killer!

Trigg wasn't as excited as we were to see the killer whales.

They did flips, twists, spins and all sorts of water aerobics!

Luckily we didn't sit in the "splash" zone seats, because those whales can get people wet!

We also found the pink flamingos!

Trigg had fun looking at all the fish in the aquarium, but he was tired by the end of the day.

We had a lot of fun at Sea World!

There was a lot to see at Sea World, lots of animals and some fun rides too!

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