Monday, February 13, 2012

Off to Florida!

Heather's parents gave their family a trip to Florida to Disney for Christmas this year...awesome! We just got back and it was a great break from the Iowa weather. We were a little worried about flying with a 4 month old...but Trigg did awesome and he hardly made a sound the whole flight!
Just recently, he discovered his hands and he is generally chewing on his fingers...well one of those fingers found it's way to his nose!
We got to Florida late Friday night and it was warm and 70 degrees!

The next morning, we didn't have much planned...check into our resort, buy some groceries and check out Downtown Disney for lunch. Trigg and I chillin' on the couch waiting to head to lunch.

AP and Trigg hanging on the's amazing how quickly a TV can capture a kids attention.

Downtown Disney had all sorts of things to see and check out...Legoland, T-Rex Cafe...

After our first full day in Florida, we had a tired boy and tired mom!

...can't wait for Disney!

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