Monday, February 13, 2012


Last Monday we headed to Disney World for a day of fun! All the kiddo's had matching shirts with Mickey or Minnie on the front, so they were ready to go!
Trigg and I ready for a day of fun!

After parking and taking a shuttle, we hopped on a ferry to get to the Magic Kingdom!

Papa Brent, Grandma Doreen, Gracie and Nathan all watch as we approach...

...the Magic Kingdom!

Who's ready for fun...let the memories begin. Trigg didn't make it in this picture...he fell asleep on the boat ride.

Heather and I are all smiles. Trigg is sleeping, but he is excited to be at Disney too!

Heather and I make a pit stop to feed the little man, while she is feeding Trigg the Dapper Dan's stop by to sing us a song as they open the restaurant!

We rented a stroller for the must have been cozy!

We caught up with the family to catch one of the parades!

...and Trigg was awake for the parade and he loved it!

Mickey, Minnie and the Comforts!

It is such a pretty park and so well kept!

After a full day we had a tired boy on our hands...well actually in Mom's arms, he fell sound asleep!

We had a blast at Disney, it was fun to watch the kids meet all the characters, from Mickey and Minnie, to the princesses, to Tinker Bell. It was all around a great day!

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the Cavens said...

This looks SO fun! I love seeing all the kids in their matching shirts. Adorable! We are taking Elliott to Florida in a few weeks and your pictures made me even more excited. Fun!