Sunday, March 25, 2012


Friday evening, Heather and I went to Gungor at Hoyt Sherman Auditorium...and it was Awesome! Rob and Erin came down from Orange City to go to the Need to Breathe concert in Ames Saturday night, so we got them tickets for Rob's birthday and they joined us!
The Brilliance opened for Gungor and they were in fact brilliant! I will be adding them to my collection of favorite artists.

Then Gungor performed...mainly songs from their new cd, Ghost Upon the Earth with a few favorites from Beautiful Things.

The range of instruments played was incredible...just to name a few, there were 2 cellos, violin, piano, bass guitar, full drum kit, electric guitar (several), acoustic guitar (several), classical guitar (several), banjo, mandolin, flute, glockenspiel, a piano accordion thing, a turntable, several computers and a big bass drum with a pirate ship on it! All the musicians played multiple instruments and it was fun to watch musicians play with as such passion and joy!

I found this post on their website, Michael Gungor talks about the new's a pretty good read and insight into Ghost Upon the Earth.
All in all, it was a great show. Super fun to watch and be a part of! Be sure to check out Gungor and The Brilliance, you won't be disappointed!
Here is a video of Gungor performing at the Relevant Studios...just a small sample of the awesomeness!

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