Friday, March 23, 2012

Week in Review

With temperatures still unseasonably high, we kept rockin out the shorts and short sleeves! Trigg was pretty jazzed about his sweet outfit and wearing his shoes without socks!
With these warm temps we have gotten several pop up thunderstorms...this one brought down a dead branch from one of our big oak trees and gouged it into the yard...yikes!

Riley took full advantage of the sun!

Trigg got a new hat to help with the sun...ready to roll!

Long walks on warm days make for a sleepy boy!

Riley's friend Coco is hanging out with us for part of the week and the weekend.

We also played with our barn yard friends this week: piggy, cow, chicken and duck!

Trigg still loves his bumbo seat, he can see what's going on!

Playing outside and chasing after two dogs makes for a tired boy at the end of the day! He fell asleep on mom's shoulder!

That pretty much sums up our week. Tonight is the Gungor concert at Hoyt Sherman (so excited!)

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