Friday, March 30, 2012

Week in Review

Last weekend the OC VL's were in town for a music weekend, so on Saturday the Pella VL's and Grandma Great came to Ankeny. It was such a nice day that we spent some of it outside! Trigg and Toby loved chillin in the grass while the bigger kids had an early Easter egg hunt!
We also made bunny bait...this stuff is awesome! Heather found the recipe via pinterest from this blog, it is really easy to make and really good.

With all the nice weather, we have been going for lots of walks! Trigg seems to enjoy being outside, so everyone wins

Tummy time with Dad!

Heather hosted a bridal shower Monday night, so we took a shot at making tissue paper poms. I think they turned out pretty good (thanks Martha Stewart)!

During the bridal shower, I took Riley and Trigg and we headed outside for a long walk...Trigg was sound asleep by the time we made it back home!

This warm weather is making everything bloom! Our hostas are out...

...and so are the squirrels. We have an on going war with the squirrels and I have had enough, so I put out this warning to the squirrels...stop eating my gutter toppers and nesting in my gutter!

Our lilac bush is blooming too!

...and our neighbors red bud tree looks awesome right now!

I don't think there is much better than a happy baby in jammies!

...and we ended the week on a high note, Trigg sitting up on his own!

We got more rain last night and with temperatures in the 80's this weekend I am sure more plants will be in bloom. I need to get the lawn mower out and cut the grass already!

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