Friday, April 6, 2012

Week in Review

This week brought more sunshine and more plants in bloom! I cut some lilacs from our bush to bring inside!
Trigg sporting his shorts and short sleeves early in the week.

Last Sunday we had some friends over for lunch on the deck and kabobs on the grill!

As the week progressed the temperatures started to get cooler...well the 60's and 70's instead of the 80's, so it is still really nice spring weather! Trigg wearing his elephant on a skateboard t-shirt!

We got out the mesh bag with an ice cube to help that little tooth that is coming in...Trigg loved it!

What a dude, chillin on the couch with his ice cube!

The thing about melts and the elephant got a bath. No big deal, because once Trigg finished his ice cube, it was bath time for him too!

We also found out this week, that Trigg might suffer from seasonal allergies like his dad. After some walks and having the house opened up, Trigg was sneezing, runny nose and red watery eyes...poor little guy. We have our 6 month appointment coming up, so we are going to check with the doctor and hopefully fight these allergies!

That pretty much wraps up our week, Good Friday service tonight at church and then Easter! Hope you had a good week too!

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