Friday, April 13, 2012

Week in Review

It was a big week in our world...Trigg turned 6 months old this week! That is a "6" on his tie...but when he is sitting it is hard to see.
Trigg is definitely thrilled about hitting the 6 month mark!

Being older now, he gets to try some food! We ground up some oats and had some oatmeal!

Sitting patiently in his high chair...

...and down the hatch it goes! Day one of food was a success!

We also got all dressed up for Easter service at church!

...more food. Since Trigg is new to this whole eating game, I am modeling for him how to "open wide" because here comes the airplane!

Midway through the week we hit a cold spell, the temps fell from highs in the 80's to highs in the 50's. We had 3 night with a freeze warning so our roses, peonies, and hydrangea's all got blankets to help them sleep through the night.

We also played with our car and truck this week, well dad played with them and Trigg watched me roll them around the room and drive them into his feet!

We tried a new recipe this week that was fantastic, BBQ Chicken Pizza (thank you Pinterest!) (for some reason blogger keeps putting this picture on it side...sorry)

We also played a lot of air guitar this week...well we play a lot of "air" instruments: air electric guitar, air bass, air drums, air banjo, air piano, air trumpet...

We ended the week with our 6 month check up at the doctor and Trigg passed with flying colors!

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