Friday, April 20, 2012

Week in Review

Tuesday we headed to Pella, Trigg and I are having matching dutch outfits made and Lola had them ready for us to try on to finalize measurements. 
We are all excited to participate in this year's Tulip Time!  The first weekend in May!
While in Pella, we had to check out all the great tulips.  With the warmer weather, all the beds are in full bloom!
We also had a lot of storms blow through this week, lots of branches and the oak trees dropped all the "green slimey's" 
Trigg is noticing Riley more and more!  He keeps reaching for her, but Riley is doing a pretty good job of keeping her distance...
Chillin in my chair...
We ended this week with another big step...carrots!  That's right, we added carrots to the line up. 
...and Trigg loved them!  That's really no surprise, going from oatmeal to carrots...who doesn't love more flavor!
Well that pretty much sums up our week.

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