Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring is in bloom!

With today's high temperature in the upper 80's or lower 90's, it was a great day to be outside enjoying spring! We headed down to Water Works park to walk around the arboretum. With more than 1,200 flowering crab apple trees, it was so much fun to see spring in full bloom!
Trigg was very interested in the flowers!
White, pink, red...all sorts of crab apples were in bloom!
We found a shady spot to play for a little bit...Trigg was all smiles!
Trigg and I chillin in the grass!
The trees in full bloom
On the way home, we stopped at Drake campus, they have lots of tulips in full bloom. Heather told Trigg all about tulips and we can't wait for this year's Tulip Time (hopefully there will still be some tulips left!)
Trigg checking out all that was going on.
Mom telling Trigg about the tulips
Trigg trying to get a little closer look...
We had a great day checking out all that is blooming around town. We would highly recommend a drive through Water Works...the trees are amazing! It's hard to believe everything that is in bloom and it is only April 1st!

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Christa said...

Great pictures! Good to see you this weekend!