Saturday, July 14, 2012

Week in Review

We had another pretty good week!  It started off a little rough...Trigg had a reaction to the antibiotics and broke out in a rash!  Poor little guy, the hives didn't seem to bother him, just make him red and blotchy!
 Those didn't last too long, only a couple of days, and then he was back to his normal self...feeding himself Cheerios!
 Being cute with his slight head tilt at the table!
 He is still sleeping like a champ...but with confidence in rolling, is has been sleeping on his side and stomach!
 Too cute...even a little drool!
 We tried a new recipe this week, asparagus wrapped chicken!  It was pretty good!
 Trigg barrel rolling while chewing on some letters...
 We think more teeth are coming in...he wants to chew on everything, even in the bathtub!
 Coco came at the end of the week and Trigg loves having 2 dogs in the house...Coco doesn't mind her hair getting pulled a little, so she will lay next to Trigg!
Well that wraps up our week...what's new with you?

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