Monday, July 30, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

Growing up in Indianola the summer was marked by going to the swimming pool and the Balloon Classic!  We headed down to Indianola on Sunday to watch the balloons fly.
Miya and Trigg rode the train while we were waiting for the balloons to fly...
Morgan and Piper were on the train ride too!
I caught a smile from Trigg as he spotted mom!
Trigg and Grandpa talking about the hot air balloons...
Checking each other out!
...and the balloons take to the air!
Trigg spotted the balloons as they started to fly over our heads!
Family photo!
...and here are a few pics of the sky filled with balloons

If you haven't been to the balloon classic in Indianola, I would highly recommend the trip! 

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