Monday, July 16, 2012

9 months!

Can you guess who is 9 months old???
I AM!!!
That's right, Trigg turned 9 months old last week!  So we busted out his sweet 9 month tie and snapped a few pictures!
It wouldn't be a photo shoot without a Riley photobomb!  Riley is getting more brave around Trigg...and Trigg just wants to chase her around the house!
Some things our 9 month old is up to: barrel rolling across the floor, trying to coordinate his arms and legs to start crawling, wanting to stand up on his own, loving the swimming pool and splash park, eating Cheerios on his own, chatting with Mom at the grocery store...and he loves dance parties!
"For wearing a tie every Wednesday Dad, you got mine on a little low and crooked..."
Once the tie came off and Mr G found his way to the was time for a wrestling match!
First, the stretch to see if our opponent is within arms reach...
Couldn't reach him sitting use gravity and lean over my legs with my head and my body follows, now I'm rollin'...
...and now I've got you!

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