Friday, August 31, 2012

Week in Review

Another week we are at the end of August!  We had a fun week this week, not a lot of excitement, but enjoyable all the same!
Trigg and I started playing a new game...we turn off the lights in his room and get out a flashlight and see what we can find using the light...the door, the ceiling, Trigg's's a fun way to explore his room in a new way!
Trigg is very curious about where the light is coming from!
Trigg is officially on the move...he is army crawling everywhere.  One evening, we set him down to play while we were getting supper ready and he crawled his way into the kitchen!
Trigg loves watching cars go by...he especially likes motorcycles, loud trucks and buses!
We dropped his crib down one notch this week too...and it was a good thing we did because he has figured out how to sit up in his crib.  We have a video monitor and here he is during nap time...apparently Trigg forgot that is was nap time!
That sums up our week, we don't have much planned for Labor Day weekend, get more work done in the backyard and enjoy these last few days of summer...although most pools are closed, the Ashby splash park is open until Sept 16th!

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