Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week in Review

What a great week we had...already well into December!
Last weekend we were in Pella for Camille's 1st birthday, while we were in town, we stopped by Central's campus to snap a picture on the bridge and show Trigg campus! Go Dutch!
 Last Friday, November 30th, ended No Shave November for is a final picture of my beard.  I feel the pipe is a good accent piece to any beard!
 ...and here is Trigg's beard!
 We have started a new tradition at our house...we can open 1 present when December starts!
 Trigg investigating what could be wrapped up...
 ...tear it open!
 Christmas jammies!  Awesome!
 "Dad, let me help you open your present now..."
 Here we are, decked out in all our new Christmas jammies in front of the tree!
 This week, Trigg has really enjoyed his "Green Monster" smoothies!
 Spinach, cooked carrots and a good and so good for you!
 We also tossed a plush blanket in Trigg's crib...he loves that too!
Well that wraps up our week, we have been to two Christmas parties already...Christmas is quickly approaching!  Our Christmas cards are going out this week, we check our mailbox with great expectations everyday, hoping to find a Christmas card or two! 

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