Monday, July 29, 2013

Hot Balloons

July 26th thru August 3rd is the National Balloon Classic held in Indianola!  We headed down there Saturday evening to watch the hot air balloons fly through the sky!  
We got there around 5:30, the flight time is scheduled for 6 but with strong winds they had about an hour wind we decided to check out The Heartland Express train ride!
 This is the look of determination...Trigg made sure that train was heading in the right direction!
 Around the field they went, Morgan and Piper in the front car, Trigg right behind them!  It got a little bumpy as they made the turn...
 ...Trigg ended up holding on to the sides of his car, but I think he still had fun...he asked to ride again!
 We grabbed some food and then rode again, this time he requested that Mom ride too!
 Once the train ride was complete, the green flag was up and the balloons started to inflate!
 Up, up and away!
 "Hot balloons!"  Trigg said pointing them out as they flew over our heads!
 With around 80 balloons this year, it is fun to watch them all take off!
 ...and away they go!
 ...and some more
 WOW, look at them all go!  Awesome!
 The gentle breeze blew all the balloons from the field right over our heads!
The weather was great Saturday evening (and the forecast looks great for the rest of the week).  If you've never been down to Indianola to check out the balloons, we would highly recommend it.  They are awesome!

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snappy casual said...

just noticed the new header photo! congrats! i was just wondering if there would be another little Comfort soon :-)