Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On Stage!

Today, Trigg decided to put on a show...well 4 or 5 of them once the day ended, but who's counting.  He got out his instruments and climbed up "on stage"
 He warmed up with the harmonica
 Then it was onto the drums
 Next the recorder, or flute if you ask Trigg.
 ...then with a little style!
 Lastly the guitar...
 and he sang out his song!
 Once he was finished, he packed up his "gear" into the church trailer.  Piecing this together, I played on worship team this weekend at church.  Currently Hope - Johnston-Grimes branch meets at Summit Middle School and once church is over, we have to pack up all the gear into the church trailer.  Just goes to show that kids pay way more attention then I give them credit for!
And lastly, I recorded his song and tossed it on YouTube...enjoy Trigg's rendition of "Jesus Loves Me"!

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